The Compliant Analyst-Driven Valuation

Developing a successful collateral valuation strategy in today’s market has never been more challenging. With rapidly changing market conditions impacting AVM reliability, EvaluationPro allows you to leverage the skills and experience of a trained valuation analyst. EvaluationPro is designed from the ground up to meet Interagency Guidelines (IAG) as a real estate Evaluation, and is a compliant solution for lending applications that meet the appraisal threshold exception. Commonly used for loan modification, refinancing, and due diligence, EvaluationPro is designed to fit in every valuation toolbox.

Key Features

A Cost Effective Alternative

Performed by a trained analyst, Evaluation Pro can be paired with flexible inspection to deliver a very cost-effective valuation report.

Built for Compliance

Designed from the ground up to meet Interagency Guidelines as a Real Estate Evaluation.

Analyst-Driven Solution

Voxtur Evaluations are performed by a trained analyst using local MLS and public records data.

A Full-Spectrum Valuation Solution

EvaluationPro Desktop EvaluationPro Exterior EvaluationPro Interior
Inspection Perfomed By Agent  Agent
Inspection Type Exteior Interior
Property Condition
Subject & Neighbohood Inspection Elements
Subject Inspection Photos
Repairs & Cost-to Cure
Valuation & Market Assessment
Valuation Assessment Performed By Analyst Analyst Analyst
Market, As-Is, and Quick-Sale Price Opinion
Expert-Selected Lisitng & Sold Comparables
Comparable Location Map
Comparable MLS Photos
Agent Commentary
Market & Neighborhood Trend Assessment
Integrated Quality & Audit Rules

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