The Next-Generation Broker Price Opinion

When relying on Broker Price Opinions, we understand that our agents are the “feet on the street” you rely on to provide you the details you need to manage risk and investment decisions. BPOPro™ leverages our proprietary platform to dig deeper into the property details and conditions that drive today’s real estate market. We like to think we designed the perfect BPO, but when you’re as passionate as we are about innovation, BPOPro™ is just the beginning.

Key Features

Quality From The Start

With a robust vendor workflow, BPOPro leverages data and real-time business rules to ensure quality from start to finish.

Insightful Inspections

Nothing brings real estate valuation insight into perspective than our comprehensive 40+ point inspection.

Exceptional Clarity

Unlike traditional Broker Price Opinions, BPOPro is designed from the ground up to provide exceptional clarity into the valuation analysis.

Always a Perfect Fit

BPOPro is available in several different cost-effective configurations designed to meet your inspection needs. Whether it’s for loan servicing, origination, or equity lending, Voxtur Valuation has the right valuation solution for you.

BPOPro Desktop BPOPro Exterior BPOPro Interior BPOMerge
Inspection Perfomed By Agent  Agent Agent
Inspection Type Exteior Interior Exterior or Interior
Property Condition
Subject & Neighbohood Inspection Elements
Subject Inspection Photos
Repairs & Cost-to Cure
Valuation & Market Assessment
Idependent Price Opinions   1 1 1 2+
Market, As-Is, and Quick-Sale Price Opinion
Expert-Selected Lisitng & Sold Comparables
Comparable Location Map
Comparable MLS Photos
Agent Commentary
Market & Neighborhood Trend Assessment
Integrated Quality & Audit Rules

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