Welcome to Our Revolution

We are excited to announce that effective June 14th, 2021 Clarocity Valuation Services (CVS) will be renamed Voxtur Valuation (V2).

The move to Voxtur Valuation represents the next step in the evolution of our valuation services group into one cohesive and well aligned blend of exceptional valuation service,  continued valuation product innovation and best in industry valuation workflow technology via Anow platforms. Voxtur Valuation is built to deliver valuation services with consistent and relevant workflow that allows our clients and partners to gain efficiency, improve transparency, deliver valuation credibility and compliance.

We are excited to share this next chapter with our clients and look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional service to each of you. Voxtur Valuation and our sister companies in the Voxtur Analytics group of companies are ready to support our clients for any and all valuation, title and real estate analytics needs through one team, one workflow and best in industry client experience.

Thank you from the entire Voxtur Valuation team.

For all questions and inquiries around the name change, please reach us at clientservices@voxturvaluation.com.